Paint the inside of a small barn and office up - Painting & Decorating job in Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Job description

I have used a barn I have for a workshop area and it is now clear and needs freshening up with fresh floor paint /walls etc Want to get it done asap ..


Feedback for Morgans Property Maintenance Ltd

This company came and saw me and viewed a painting of a barn job .
They gave me a quote which I accepted and agreed a date to start the works 2 x weeks later .
Last week they arrived and part of the job was to put up a fence post .
This they did however not to a high standard as not straight with existing .
However I let it go as only a fence post .
They then on Monday 6th August went to the barn to start painting it .
I went to the barn 2.30 pm that day they were not there and nothing done .
Today [tues 7th August ] I get a text saying my van is broken I am going on holiday and cannot finish for many weeks .
Not even a call just a text .
Having had several quotes I took them on face value however all i get is a excuse like that and a demand for payment for work done to date .
It is a painting job not building a castle the paint is even at the barn for floor so a car could have got them here .
I would avoid I have no time or patience for people who agree a job and then drop you in it I was keen to get it done as I need to use it very unprofessional and clearly not to be trusted ..

Morgans Property Maintenance Ltd's reply:

My van had been playing up for several weeks. when I went out to the property on the Monday there was only 50 per cent compression. I went with 2 other of my men. Two of us were fixing in 2 gate posts/taking out broken posts from ground and the other man was brushing down all the walls in the barn(s), sweeping floor, gathering up all the rubbish and painting the ceiling on the ground floor of the barn (why should I go all this way with 3 of us and do nothing (!! ??). I had to go early to get my van to a garage in Swindon to assess engine problems. I texted the owner to let him know the problem and apologised that I was on holiday on the following Monday and didn't know when my van would be fixed so I didn't know when I could get back to get the job finished which I was keen to do (which I thought was quite reasonable). I said to him that I would Invoice for work that was completed. It transpired that I need a new engine. I think the owner was more annoyed at the fact he had been let down. If he had spoke to me rather than made these comments online we could of come to some agreement.