Reinforcing chimney stack - Conversions - General job in Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Job description


My wife and I have just purchased a house . Our survey report flagged that the chimney had been disconnected as part of internal refurbishment but the disconnected stack was currently being supported by a wooden beam and this was not strong enough. We were told it should be replaced with a stronger metal beam and that we should ask a builder/roofer to undertake this work.

Please can you provide us with a quotation. Access to the loft/roof should not be an issue. Please note we are looking for this work to be done in the very near future.

Kind regards

Mr Fitzgibbon



GDM Building Solutions submitted a competitive quotation on this site and were easy to deal with in advance of the work. They turned up very promptly on the day and completed the work to our satisfaction without any issue. We are now a few months on and no faults have emerged.

We would use them again and are considering enlisting them for a building extension project.