Fitting kitchen cabinets and worktop - Kitchen Fitting job in Bromley, Kent

Job description

I wanted a quote for fitting kitchen cabinet and worktop. the cabinets are from Wickes. 4 base units and five wall-units and worktop



AVOID THIS BUILDER!!!!! I hired this person, agreed to the his labour charge but the first day when they supposed to start his "co-worker" turned up smelling strong alcohol, they had an arguments in my kitchen about money. He was left on his own to dismantle the old cabinets. He told me he has to go to hospital the next day as he is not well. I had to give the job to soemeone else. Yesterday he asked me to pay him £100 for removing less than 2msq of tiles and dismantle 2 walls unit and 3 base units not even half day I agreed first. Then he cames to collect the money he made such unprofessional remarks so I politely told him I think its fear to pay him only £80. Then he started shouting and swearing at me first then my wife with menacing gestures. My wife so upset she had to call the police on him. The new builders gave him £20 then he left.