Fixing of dvd rack & 2 heavy pictures - Handyman job in Peckham, South London

Job description

I believe this should be a relatively small job for someone who knows what they are doing! (ie not me) We have a slim, but ca 80cm high DVD rack that we want to fix to our living room wall. We have tried ourselves, but have not managed to drill holes deep enough and are not sure whether there is something in the wall or whether our drill just can't cope. We can't quite work out those little machines that can tell you whether there are wires etc in the wall, and are just a touch worried about doing things wrong! So we need someone to help up put this rack up as well as a heavy picture frame and another smaller picture - all of which require holes drilled into the wall, without hitting electrics or water pipes etc.


Feedback for Thima Green Ltd

Thank you for completing a quick and great job!
Very reliable, efficient and hard working.
Will definitely be in touch again for further work in our house, and would recommend Pavels Curko to anyone else!