Change the level in the front patio - Groundwork & Foundations job in Norbury, South London

Job description

To access my front patio from the road there's currently a 200mm step which i would like to reduce to 50mm and therefore increase the gradient of the ramp that gives access to the patio. This is so I can enter with my scooter. Also, on the right side of the entrance, there's a 300/350mm step onto a raised part of the patio. I would like to move the step back of 550mm in order to park my scooter there (so roughly a volume of 550mm(d) x 1800mm(w) x 350mm (h) should be taken out).

It sounds much more complicated than what it is really... Please see the pics, they should help to understand.

The patio is paved in beautiful slate, so I would like to save it if possible (I do have some extra pieces). I don't know if there are pipes under the raised part but it shouldn't be a problem as it would only be a small portion taken out.

There are no parking restriction and usually there's always room to park in front of the house.

Ideally I would like this to be done before the 1st of July.



Feedback for Rich Ellis Landscaping & Groundworks

Richard came always on time, was polite and worked in a very tidy manner.


1. He was not clear on when he was able to start the job, so it started later than I would have wanted.
2. We did have a problem when some vertical slate tiles were not laid properly. I asked him to re-lay them and he refused, because, he said, the way to lay them had not been specified earlier. I clearly remembered having done it but unfortunately without drawings or written detailed job description it's your word against theirs, isn't it. In any case I am an architect and I know few architects and builders, I asked 6 of them and they all told me they wouldn't even think of having to specify that as it's the "good practice" to do that and he didn't. Anyway, in the end we agreed he would re-do that for an extra 200£.

3. In the end instead of the 4-5 days planned, it took 7, which luckily I didn't have any problem with, but it might be different if you have something planned.

I'm very pleased with the final result and I would gladly hire Richard again and I DO RECOMMEND HIM. Just be sure to be very very detailed in specifying how you want EVERYTHING to be done, preferably with detailed drawings and written specifications.
Thanks Richard (told you on day 1 that I was going to be honest with my review).