Double storey extension - july 2018 - Architecture job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

We are looking to have a double storey extension built at the rear/side of our semi-detached house to give us a larger kitchen space downstairs with the top floor to be built as a half-brick conservatory. We expect it to be roughly 3m by 4.5m with the longer end running along the length of the kitchen which is just under 4.5m, which, I imagine will make the size of extension 14-15 square metres on each floor. We don’t know if planning permission is required since it’s a small extension at a depth of only 3m and it will be at the back side of the house in place of an existing small conservatory. We would like to get it started as soon as is reasonably possible.


Feedback for Yarm Architectural Design

We got there in the end but it took longer than it should have done and there were some worrying points along the way.
He turned up quickly enough, had what looked like ready plans within days, which involved many false steps that were mostly due to a lack of attention to the requirements - he didn’t seem to have taken any notes. Unfortunately these plans turned out to be unsuitable and incomplete, requiring a redraw and resubmission after submission to comply with council specifications.
We were surprised when this happened because we expected better from an experienced architect - in our opinion he should have been able to produce compliant drawings and make a complete submission the first time. As the appointed agent he also should have been able to respond to the council’s request by simply going online to secure the missing documents which he needed to amend those incomplete plans at a negligible cost without involving us.
All this resulted in an unexpected 2+ week delay that was further compounded when Jason disappeared for 4 days without notifying us the minute that we made the payment, a situation which left us worrying that we had been scammed because we were unable to reach him by any means.
We never received an invoice or receipt for this job.
Jason’s quote wasn’t the cheapest by any measure but we chose to pay the extra couple of hundred pounds because he promised to be the most effective and efficient.
From our experience we would not recommended them.

Yarm Architectural Design's reply:

This Feedback is complete fabrication. I successfully obtained the planning approval on this job. I will breakdown the dates and explain.

Thursday 7th June - Initial Site meeting.
Tuesday 12th of June - Drawings completed and ready to submit to planning dept.
Tuesday 12th of June - Receipt of fee payment Sent to the Client.
Thursday 14th of June - Planning Application submitted to Birmingham Council.
Friday 7th of September - Planning approval obtained.

After the initial site meeting I completed the drawings within 3 working days, the planning application was submitted within 5 working days, the reason for the 2 day delay on the submittal was that I was on holiday, this was explained to the client. I was on holiday yet I was still happy to communicate with the client on this job.

After it took me only 5 working days to submit the application the council took 2 weeks longer then expected to return a positive decision. I was in touch with the planning officer (Caroline Featherston) throughout the application, after each contact with Caroline Featherston I emailed the client with an update.

The reason for the small delay on the decision was an issue that the applicants property shared a boundary with Network Rail, I pre-empted this potential issue and explained as such during the first site meeting.

I have 100s of very happy clients that are very impressed with the way I work.