Electrical fittings in new bathroom, extractor fan - Electrical job in Upper Edmonton, North London

Job description

Need someone to work asap

Below work needs fitting (willing to pay daily rate)

- Living room dimmer switches not dimming properly (need to be resolved)
- Shower light bulb fitting (cables already there)
- Hallway light bulb fitting (cables already there)
- Extractor fan fitting
- Fitting of 6 new light switches (3 bedrooms upstairs (add dimmer in master bedroom), 2 rooms downstairs, kitchen, shower room hallway)


Feedback for P&N Electrical Services Ltd

terrible terrible terrible, threateded to get solicitors on me. Raised his voice, and annoyed my builders. Stay away

P&N Electrical Services Ltd's reply:

Dear Michael
Thank you for your feedback.
On My previous site visit (2 June 2018), I had specified that unless the pane of glass above the door which you building wall in front of it, was removed, Otherwise I would not be able to fit the extractor fan.
Following our numerous phone calls and many text messages (20,21 and 22 of June) prior to this work and your subsequent request for me to carry out the work, I attended the site to see that the pane of glass was not removed and when I stated the fact, Instead of your sympathetic approach, I was heat with your confrontational attitude and your total disregard for my wasted time and effort which is beyond me.