Ceiling joist - potentially needs replacing - Carpentry job in Hove, East Sussex

Job description

One of the joist in the ceiling in my flat is so bent that it it pressing down the plasterboard below it as well (and also appears to be pulling down a layer of plasterboard above it). I am not sure why this is, but have been told that the floors in the building are concrete so that perhaps the joist is only there to attach the plasterboard in the ceilings to.

Initially I am looking for an opinion on what needs to be done to the joist (and a price for that opinion), but also then quotes on how much it would cost to get it fixed. The plasterboard below has been taken off so the joist is visible and the other joists in the room appear to be fine.


Feedback for Tradtudor

Lee was very helpful and gave good advice on the job to be done. Once hired he started immediately and finished the job quickly as promised. He did a great job and I would definitely recommend him to others.