Front porch design drawings planning permission - Architecture job in Watford, Hertfordshire

Job description

Hi we would like to invite architects based in Watford to help us plan our ~7m2 front porch.

The porch will be the width of the house. We have an idea of the final look, but need drawings for household planning permission:

(1) Existing and proposed plans with a scale bar,
(2) An OS Map with the North sign on and at least one road name.

We are looking for good priced, efficient architects who can provide the following documents above.



Feedback for Go To Planning Ltd

Illkan clearly did not to take our front porch plans seriously. I paid £125 upfront and waited a month for nothing. Immediately after taking my job he said that he was away on holiday, which later suddenly got extended by a couple of days. Following that he was in hospital, which was unfortunate. But if he was not in a position to do the job he should not have over-promised and made me wait a month without doing anything at all. Being honest and fair from the start would have saved us both a lot of time and grief.

The facts are: After waiting several weeks I called up my local council to check on the process of my application... But nothing was in the system. This was shocking to me. Pre-app processes are long enough as it is and he purposely kept me aloof for so long. As a result he has ruined our plans to have a porch installed by our anniversary. He wasted so much of my time and caused me so much unnecessary stress, its just unacceptable.

Overall, I should have read other reviews first. Only after paying him upfront I noticed that some of the issues that "universal_property_services_ltd 8th Jan, 2018" had were what I also experienced. This is a real shame as in person he seemed fine and I was nothing but nice to him but when it came to the crunch, he let me down and was not proactive about making amends. He was finally able to refund the money but only after the team got involved and send him a chaser email.