Chimney breast supported in attic - Conversions - General job in Bristol, Avon

Job description


My disused chimney breast in the attic, needs to be supported to building regs for a structure engineer to approve.
It’s a 1930’s house that originally had 2 chimney breasts and the un used one has been propped up in the attic via a piece of angle iron and some timber bracing. Although the breast hasn’t moved and the repair is sturdy enough, the surveyor has picked it up on the re mortgage and isn’t happy. Access to the loft is available via a fixed loft ladder and some tempory boarding allows access to the chimney. Many thanks Greg



I can highly recommend GRS Building Services. Gary replied to my ad and come and looked at the job, he told me what was involved and how he would go about doing it, gave me a price, which I was happy with, he ordered the steel that was required and called me to arrange a day to do the job, two of his lads turned up on time, they completed the job with no problems and left the place in a clean condition. Gary was always easy to get hold of and his lads done a good job and it all went smoothly and I would definetly use GRS Building Services again