Plastering of attic and/or bathroom ceiling - Plastering job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

The roof on the back to back terrace I bought was leaking and has been replaced, the plasterwork of the sloping ceiling (and adjoining wall)especially in the corner under where the chimney flashing was leaking is in poor condition with salt deposits. Other areas of this room may also need to be plastered (for example the flat ceiling) but would need to be assessed visually. The room measures: 17'0" x 11'3" however not all of this should need plastering.

Additionally there was a piece of york stone resting on the ceiling of the bathroom (because that's where you should put paving slabs obviously) which necessitates the ceiling in the bathroom being removed and replaced. The bathroom is 9'5" x 6'3" .

These jobs can be quoted either together or separately as I intend to get the bathroom refitted. Quotes should include labour and materials. Additional plastering work is likely to be available during the refurbishment of my house.



PJ Building services completed the plastering work on my bathroom ceiling (and additional plastering work in the bathroom). The work is to a good standard and they are friendly and professional, while doing their best to keep the price down.
They will begin work on my attic this weekend.