Re-laying ridge tiles on a single storey extension - Roofing (Pitched) job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

I have a 1930s house with a kitchen extention to the rear, which i had re-roofed 6 months ago.

Unfortunately the cement used on the ridge has not been mixed correctly and has subsequently
cracked. I therefore need someone to remove the 10 existing ridge tiles (the roof is 6m in length) and the cement and re bed them on fresh cement.

I have been up and the ridge will just lift off and I managed to crack the cement using a screw driver, so in my opinion it will come off easily.

I can supply sand and cement and pva. I also have spare ridge tiles incase any crack. My neighbour has two cracked tiles, which were cracked by my roofer, so these need swapping over when the ridge is off. Both are the top row, so easy to do. I have two tiles to replace them.

Finally the render that is over the lead flashing has also cracked, so I would like this removed and made good. It is 3 meters in length by 5cms. I am not sure whether a bellcast bead is normally used as the roofer I had didnt use one. I am happy to go with what you suggest. So either flat as it is or to fit and render over a bellcast (which I can purchase).

People who came to quote originally didnt require scaffold as this is not very high. so looking for labour only quote. The whole roof was replaced in a day, so I cant see this taking more than a few hours to complete.

Not looking for people who want to view, I accurately describe my jobs so please quote on the above info.



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Did a tidy job, very knowledgeable and recommended.