Renovation of two bedroom flat in se23 - General Building job in Forest Hill, South London

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We have suffered huge losses, both financial and otherwise owing to this man's fraudlent representations. We have instructed our solicitors to recover £7000 paid to this trader for fraudelent misrepresentation, and breach of contract.

Despite our initial reservations about this trader, given the lack of his credentials, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. We entered into a contract, for the trader to renovate a 2 bedroom flat at a fixed price to include labour and all rough materials. The time frame allowed for the project was 5 weeks.

Throughtout the start, he demanded excessive amounts in advance for materials. After the the 5 week deadline, all that had been achieved was a "strip out" and nothing more.

Along with several stories about his personal family problems, the trader also claimed that the delay was owed to several visits and representations made by British Gas (for a gas connection). The Trader assured us that a final appointment was made with the Gas company for the connection, some 10 weeks after the initial date the project commenced.

Upon further demands of money from the trader, our suspicions were raised. We requested a site inspection (9 weeks after project started), before any further payment may be made. He refused to answer our calls, and upon our visit we were distressed to see that he had abandoned the site altogether with only 10% of the total works completed.

We have been delayed by 8 weeks, costing us thousands in interest payments. We have paid over £7000 for only £1000 worth of labour and materials. Upon trying to seek a compromise with th trader, we have received no reply.

We have since discovered that his website has been fraudulently copied from another one, and has disposition to cheating his customers.

THIS MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED, and knows exactly how to deceive people in a pre planned manner. We have already filed a claim against this trader.