Ground floor extension - Architecture job in Kettering, Northamptonshire

Job description

I need plans drawn ASAP please to start work. Can you please see if you are able to do plans.


Feedback for Diverging Architecture

Andrew drew plans but after he was not forthcoming when help needed. Several request to him failed my attempt to get him to explain his work. I paid cash of £500 and it seems I had picked up a wrong person for the job.

Diverging Architecture's reply:

I did draught the plans, and provided said drawing as per the agreed contract (payment for which was not £500 cash -services were due in 2 payments, the final being on completion/satisfaction -via. a transfer).

The extension design was within the parameters of those which were sent on the 'design proposal' CGI's -which were agreed. After which the final design plans were produced.

I was then notified by 'you/the assigned builder' -you were not content with the roof design, after which, I asked you to confirm the outline extension site dimensions -no response. I provided a suitable product to utilise for the roof -for which; I requested you then confirm your desired route to completion (so I could revise the drawing as necessary -and if required) -no response was received.

I believe our contract/quotation was fulfilled. I did offer to revise any detailing (should the site dimensioned had altered) -from the drawing, and no response.

Andy @ Diverging Architecture.