Various diy jobs - Handyman job in Witney, Oxfordshire

Job description


We have just moved in, and there are a few things that need doing, plus more once we’ve painted the house.

For now we would like to ask if you can:

Put some wood at the bottom of our garden gate, to stop out dogs getting out.

Put beading around the edge of the parquet floor in the conservatory.

Make a small path from the terrace to the shed. (3 metres approx). Presently just grass. Want to be able to mow over, so would prefer slabs, rather than stones.

Put in a cat door into the plastic back door panel

Put up some towel rails.

Change some ceiling lights (we bought 2 with us from France).

Change plugs on some table lamps. Presently the French 2 pin plugs.

There will be more as time goes on.

I liked your reviews, and need someone I can trust in the house and with the work.

Kind regards Janie



Super Chap!
Turned up and just got on with the work that we needed.
Diligent, and worked to a high standard.
Highly recommended!!!!