To build and install a walk-in shower - Extensions job in Hendon, North London

Job description

I need a room built and shower installed.
I have planning permission drawings
I need it immediately
I need to c ur work and speak to past clients


Feedback for VIC Construction Limited

I was disappointed with Jacob behavior the work was not going well in my opinion
Jacob finds me difficult he discuss this with his workers who inform me on several occasions
I expected good and high standard of work from day one this was discuss clearly in the beginning of employing Jacob to the job.
He demanded money in cash on all occasion if I do bankers draft he was not happy
he is not consistent with anything or plans.
the contract was never adhere to, it stated £20,000.00 vat included then midstream he stated if I paid in cash i would avoid VAT I draw his attention to the contract content
In the end he stated that he was leaving although the job was not completed I agree with his decision
He then adhere to verbal abuse treats of damaging my property.
The work is not completed he wants the remaining 5% to be paid which is agreed on completion but the work is incomplete I AM NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH Jacob HIS BEHAVIOR I am surprised that he is able to work via your website.

I have reported the matter to the police I have note of all his text of threats
He is going to knock it down is his treats

Please for the sake of other client and the British public he is very dangerous liability to advertise on your website the police will contact to find out about this company.