Replacement patio and walkway along our garage - Landscaping job in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Job description

We would like to have our current patio slabs removed, the ground will then need to be levelled, and we would like a new patio lain. There are two drain covers, that will need to be overlain with recessed manhole covers that can have stone lain within them. Ideally, we would like to have varying sized slabs to create our new patio that will be similar in colour to our home, and we would like a small stone wall built around the patio to match the wall we had built in our front garden last year. [Our front wall is roughly 3 bricks tall]. We would also like to have the path replaced that runs from the patio along the back of our garage with similar coloured Slabs to those used within our new patio. We would prefer to work with someone who isn't registered for VAT.


Feedback for Active Driveways & Patio's

Nick Dobson, Jason Tripp, and Pete arrived early each day this week, and they provided all the materials, and coordinated for a skip to be delivered to collect the debris as they worked. As I am a stickler for detail, I closely observed all the efforts they undertook on our behalf, and they were VERY coordinated as they progressed through the removal of the old patio and path slabs. They cut out the shape of our new patio, and the turf that had been removed, was packed in over the slope at the bottom of our garden, as we wanted this area covered in tree bark to keep the weeds down. Then, Jason began laying the sand, and cement mixture in the shape of the British Flag beneath each stone he laid, as this method will provide a VERY solid base to prevent the stones from shifting in the future. It was obvious that Jason was HIGHLY SKILLED as each stone of varying sizes were lain in a defined pattern to ensure they aligned PERFECTLY, and he used a long level over the stones to ensure they were aligned to each other exactly. He also explained that it was important to ensure the stones were placed in the same direction so the rain water would flow over them correctly. While Jason laid the mixed size patio stones, Pete laid the border Cotswold coloured bricks in the curved design my wife had suggested she wanted, as we wanted to fill in the area between our new patio with small Cotswold stones. Nick's efforts managing this was impressive. Effectively, the lads did a GREAT JOB!