Bathroom re-fit, installation of shower, tiling, etc - Bathroom Fitting job in Bethnal Green, East London

Job description

I am looking to hire as soon as possible, for the job to be completed by the end of May at the latest.

I would like the whole bathroom to be refitted, including moving the location of the bath and basin and installing a new walk-in shower.

I attach a photo of the room as it currently is, and a rough sketch of what I have in mind.

The work required is: - Remove everything currently visible in the photo including the bathroom suite, corner cupboard, worktop and tiles. - Fit insulating plasterboard along the right-hand wall. - Make the furthest half of the room into wetroom. - In the wetroom end, put new bath in sideways along the end wall under the window. - Put shower in on the left wall in front of the new bath. - Fit glass screen door in front of shower to separate wetroom area from rest of room. - Fit pre-bought cork flooring in rest of room. - Put new vanity basin on the left wall between glass screen and toilet (I have a chest of drawers that I want to have the basin fitted into). - Put new wall-hanging toilet where current one is.

This will also require tiling the wet room end and the whole of the left-hand wall.

So far I have only purchased the new flooring - I will buy everything else when a date has been set, and will also take your advice on suppliers.


Feedback for Southside Maintain

I wish there was another option for "Extremely Positive" with lots of thumbs-up! Danny (Dritan) has been my knight in shining armour after I had to fire the original builder for doing a terrible job. The first builder was here for three weeks, had hardly even done half of the work, and the work he had done was so bad even I could see he had done it wrong.

Danny and his colleague Martin completely turned the room around in just over 1 week. They re-did practically everything the first builder had done, AND did the work he hadn't even started yet, to an exceptionally high standard.

In addition Danny communicated everything he was doing, always consulted me when questions came up, offered alternative solutions, and gave me time to decide exactly what I wanted before acting on them. He was respectful, patient, careful and reliable.

I am so beyond thrilled with the bathroom now, it feels like it's the room it was always supposed to be. My experience working with Danny was the polar opposite of the first builder. I've never had such a big job done before and I assumed the anxiety and stress I was feeling was simply the fact of having a bathroom re-done, but having seen how Danny works I now know it's all about who you get to do it. Having a bathroom refit doesn't have to be stressful, and with Danny it can even be a joy!

I wouldn't want to hire anyone else other than Danny to work on my flat now. So I will probably regret writing this review because he'll be too busy!