Concrete block garage - Bricklaying job in Hampton, Middlesex

Job description

Approx 35 Sq mtrs of blockwork required in concrete block with brick front columns, lintel and bedded wall plate.

This job would probably suit a 2 + 1 team for 2 days.


Feedback for GM Brickwork and Roofing Specialist

Dan was not able to start on the day he advised because his van had broken down recently and he didn't have a replacement. He was then a good few hours later than advised on each day he said he was going to work over the next couple of weeks. He said it would take him 2 days with 2 men but the 2nd man only worked on 1 day. They had a shouting match in the middle of my garden at 8am that day! Dan was unable to advise how much sand and cement was required so I had to keep rushing to the shop at short notice to ensure he could work. I didn't check the back wall on the last day and subsequently discovered Dan had cut the wallplate 100mm short and left a gap and had fitted the other end at an angle making it impossible to install the rafters level. The wall is higher on one side than the other and Dan blamed the concrete slab. I pointed out that he had 10 courses of blocks to level it off using a spirit level and measure. He is a nice enough guy but clearly having a difficult time, what with commuting from Brighton to work in London. I genuinely feel sorry for him, but felt cheated when I discovered the grots all over the rear wall and the badly fitted wallplate that I will have to get done again.