Fireproofing building sw6 - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Fulham, South London

Job description

Job Spec:

Make minor adaptations to existing commercial property to allow temporary residential occupation. This work to be carried out to basic specifications - safe/clean work required but no fine finish.

Work involved:

Apply fireproof plasterboard cladding to 3x interior rooms to create safe 30 minute fireproof partition around/ between bedroom spaces.

Install intumescent seals, door closers and appropriate hinges to make firesafe 3x bedroom doors and 2x kitchen doors (5 doors total).

Swap doors between two spaces to provide firedoor to boiler-room, install intumescent seals and hinges as required.

Make good, remove materials and leave tidy. Full decoration/paintwork not required - single layer of undercoat preferred.

We are also looking to make minor adaptations to the emergency lighting system (3x rooms requiring emergency lighting coverage). Electrically qualified contractors are also invited to quote on this work.


Feedback for Pyramids Construction Ltd.

Paul and his organisation were very responsive and adapted to our needs. They did a great job and we'll be using them in the future.