Fit laminate worktops to new kitchen - Kitchen Fitting job in Crofton Park, South London

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Feedback for neverresting

What can I say about Richard and his team. To say I am happy with the quality of the work would be an understatement to say the least. They kept in touch and let me know what time they would arrive, arrived on time. worked for 5 hours solid without a break (a few cups of tea of course though!), and left me with fitted worktops and two holes cut out for the hob and sink - correct positioning and size.

I was worried about doing the worktops myself, although a competent DIYer (so I like to think) - I would have had to purchase my own jig and router so decided that it just wasn't worth the cost and I would get it done properly. I had several quotes from this site, including some ridiculous amounts. Richard's quote was very reasonable.

The job was carried out to the highest standards of professionalisim. The main chap on the team was a master carpenter with 12 years experience who of course had all the correct gear - router, jig, biscuit cutter etc. The quality of the job is stunning - the joints were properly mason mitered and colourfilled so they are as close to invisible as possible.

The only additional thing I have had to do since they left was to put some more sealant around the cut edges of the holes- this in any case was not something I asked them to do - I asked them solely to cut the holes in the worktop for me which was also done superbly.

I would absolutely get these guys in again - in fact I have some other work coming up soon and these guys will get first refusal for it. Happy to recommend them and provide a personal reference for them if wished.

Many thanks guys.