Missing airbrick - Bricklaying job in Streatham Hill, South London

Job description

On the gable end wall there's a hole where an airbrick should be (don't know where it's gone). The original was probably a Victorian cast iron one but I expect that a clay one would be fine. The hole dimensions are 220mm by 60mm, but there are remnants of the old cast iron in there still, so hopefully this 215mm by 65mm one from Travis Perkins would fit: https://www.travisperkins.co.uk/Hepworth-Square-Hole-Airbrick-215-x-65mm-Red-YA13R/p/867143


Feedback for R S B Brickwork

Rob turned up on time and was very polite and friendly throughout. He brought the right airbrick, he fitted mesh to it (to stop mice) and the iron remnants of the old airbrick weren't an issue.
He gave me invaluable advice (for free) about an external wall. He also provided some muscle to move a window so we could secure it properly!
He gave me a proper invoice and communicated via email (as per my request) which really helps me as a Landlord.