Combi swap vaillant - Gas Work job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

I have a 13 year old boiler that's broken down and British Gas is booked on their Homecare agreement to look at it on thursday which is not good enough. It's a rented property and I was considering changing the boiler a little while ago due to its age so now might be the time.

I need a price for the job including flushing the system and it needs to be a same day job ASAP. It also needs to be done properly with proper paperwork including a new landlords gas certificate and the slip regarding complying with building regs that a GasSafe engineer would be well versed in.

I'd need the Vaillant Ecotec 28kw or equivalent condensing boiler supplied and installed with a horizontal flue the type that comes off a n elbow above the boiler and I'm pretty sure it's a 15mm gas pipe with very limited options to change to 22mm which some insist on but might not be possible here.

Best price and best availability will secure the job and I'll be available all day to help. I can also help with parking for the day. It's in the Clapham Junction area.

  • Added 3rd March, 2018 : Also the existing boiler has a built in filling loop that means the new installation needs a filling loop that isn't part of the boiler itself as it was always too hard to fill.

In any reply please also state the availability of when it could be done as timing is also important.

  • Added 3rd March, 2018 : On checking what pics I have I see it's a 22mm pipe leaving the gas meter so it either reduces to 15mm near the boiler (as there's a gas hob too) or it might even be a 22mm at the boiler I may have been mistaken. It's tenanted so i can't check until Monday but you can see the 22mm pipe in the pic I've uploaded.


Feedback for HarrisHeat

Jason installed my new boiler without fuss on the day agreed and the timescale agreed. With a can-do attitude he and Matt stayed positive and friendly all day nothing seems to fuss them. This one was up there among the smoothest and easiest boiler changes for me over the years. Despite the short time scale from when we met to when the job was started, they had all they needed in the van and never had to leave for any bits or anything like that. They started at 9.30am as agreed and were finished and tidied up at about 4.30 in the afternoon which for me as a landlord is as positive as it can get as my tenants start getting home around 6pm so all they notice is pure professionalism which money can’t always buy

So nows it’s been 2 days, I have a British Gas HomeCare contract and they came today and inspected it to confirm it’s on cover. No issues whatsoever were identified which confirms professionally what I knew already, that Jason had done a great job.

He’ll be first on my list to call next time and I definitely recommend him to you.