Flashing and rotten timber - Roofing job in Derby, Derbyshire

Job description

I've recently moved into a terraced house (built around 1900) and have discovered a damp patch on the ceiling in the back bedroom. A family friend has been into the loft space to investigate and has discovered a wet and rotting timber (approx. 4ft in length), which slopes down to the damp spot in the bedroom. There was also evidence that the chimney breast has already experienced damp so he thinks it may be a problem with the Flashing. In my house buyers survey there was a report of a potential risk of damp and rot but it appears that this problem may have persisted for some time. This interior of the roof is in good condition as there is new lining (approx. 2-3 years old) so I know there has been some work carried out in recent years.

I would appreciate a professional opinion and work carried out to fix the problem. If it appears that the timber has been rotting over a long period of time I would also like a report so I can take this further with the Chartered Surveyers/RICS.


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Adam Mabbley was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Elite Roofing Services.