Repair to roofing felt - Roofing job in Newton Abbot, Devon

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Feedback for Pro Tech Plastering

PK1 viewed and quoted for the job. They sent a roofer to do the work. They charged me £475 but the roofer only did 2 hours work. Shortly afterwards it was obvious the repair had not worked. Recalled the builder who did not come back out but sent the roofer to make repairs. Again it soon became clear that this had not worked either, in fact it had made it worse as a water pipe had been damaged causing water damage inside the house. I have had to pay for the original work to be done properly and to repair the damage done by the damaged pipe. I emailed Paul at PK1 who said he was upset to learn about it and would get back to me after he spoke to the roofer. When I had no reply and emailed him again he said a letter was due to come out to me shortly. It did not. I emailed again with a final date to resolve the issue. Again no response. I have asked for a refund of the money paid as the work was sub standard and not fit for purpose. As I have not had a response from PK1 I have taken action through the courts to recover my money and am now posting this information so that when some one else is looking for a tradesman they are aware of the risks they are taking. Although I know nothing about the work standard of PK1 (the roofer they sent out was a sub contractor), they did not respond when there was a problem. Oh, and they gave me a guarantee for the work for 1 year when in fact the repair was not even made properly in the first place!!!

Pro Tech Plastering's reply:

this has damaged my hard earned reputation on my builder through no fault of my own. I used an approved sub contractor. no access was ever gained into the loft what so ever as the work was carried out from the outside, so I can't see how he could have damaged that, causing flooding to the bathroom? who knows it might have been handy for insurance as they were doing the house up at the time. they paid me 2 days after in full so I can't understand why you would pay some one if you wasn't happy??? they contacted me about 2 months after the job had been done to say they wasn't happy with the time the roofer spent on the job??? I'm baffled by these people! I would like to see a feedback system for clients, as a warning to tradesmen!!!