Washing machine installation - Plumbing job in Upper Holloway, North London

Job description

I bought a washing machine - LG F1406TDSP - via internet. The vendor delivers but do not do installation. It is a tiny job but I really appreciate somebody could install it for me.

Address: Tufnell Park (close to the tube station)

Preferred date: 23, 24 June or any weekends after these dates (Washing machine will be delivered to my place on 22 June).

Thank you.


Feedback for hurry

I asked Mark to do Washing Machin Installation for me. As soon as he arrived he got on with the job straight away. There has been no problem since. I was very impressed with his honesty - he charged me less than his quote since the job was simpler than he expected. I would recommend him to all of my friends! Thank you very much, Mark!