Extension - Extensions job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

I'm looking to get you guys to quote for an extension at our property.

I have a sketchup plan and a picture of what is needed. (http://puu.sh/zmPUH/b6fae09e5c.jpg)

Our neighbours house is a council house, there's a store room at both our house and theirs which is staying where it is, so the "new" extension is not damaging to the neighbours wall.

Our new extension will be 5meter deep and 2.5meter wide. Normal height, with a wooden flat roof (with rubber). We'll need a new concrete slab and foundation.

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call.

Thanks, Bert


Feedback for S3 Building Services

When we starting out with our project, even before having a quote, we were getting proper advice from Ranbir. Advice even beyond the scope of the work we needed doing.
We were guided at every step, giving either the correct contacts or documentation, help with planning permission and building regs, even on planning and technical design.
Unfortunately our project was halted due to discovering a manhole and being denied build-over-sewer. Ranbir did not let our frustration get to him though and pushed us to get a new kitchen within our budget. We love him for it!
Once having the back of our house revamped into what we wanted for a new kitchen, we had nothing negative to report on the works.
Everything went very smooth and on schedule with prompt start and end every day on the before discussed and agreed on timings and schedule.
Everything was done to spec and small adjustments along the way were no issue.
From a technical point of view, S3 building services had done general building and demolition, electrics, plumbing, plaster boarding and skimming.
But, it didn’t stop there as we were continuously follow-up on how things are going which was a really nice feeling.
We’ve never known a building crew so energetic, enthusiastic and on top of everything. + they have know-how and experience that’s priceless.
We would recommend this company to anyone!
And we have our next project already lined up with them and we're looking forward to working with them again :)