Finishing internal building work of an extension - Conversions - General job in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Job description

A builder has been working on an extension and kitchen installation but unfortunately he has disappeared before completion of works (due to his own financial difficulties with his business). All structural work has been done - the following works are needed in order to complete the job. I would be interested in some quotes:

  1. Completion of Porch area Brick walls and roof frame have been built. Needs roof tile fitting, installation of toilet, light, floor, outside tap and sockets, internal wall, door and window).

  2. Installation of 2 Skylights (1.35m x 65cm each) - optional For the extension area. Structure is complete and openings are currently boarded, ready for the installation. Skylights need to be purchased as well.

  3. Installation of floor Cork floor (same installation method as click on laminate floor board) Floor and underlay are supplied.

  4. Installation of a bench radiator Plumbing end is prepared where the radiator will be installed. Radiator is already supplied.

  5. Under stairs area Opening is already made but needs to extend a little more. As this is a brick wall, this needs to be supported with a lintel (already supplied) and plumbing for washing machine.

  6. Install a garage door, make watertight (there has been some movement on brick wall), change felt roof, install light and sockets

  7. Kitchen area prep. Old walls have been removed and remaining walls have been plastered and painted except one side of the wall. New consumer unit to be installed and electrical works tested. The electrical cable is already run through the ceiling and is ready to be fitted on the wall to provide capacity for new induction hob.

  8. Woodburner area prep. Brick wall has been built, plastered and painted around wood-burner area. Promotec board needs to be fitted inside.

I have checked with the council and all building regs up to this stage have been passed, so there should be no problem with the quality of the job done so far.

Thanks for reading,


Feedback for Black Sea Construction

Work started in February for porch area and skylight installation.
The wrong roof tiles were ordered and installed without consultation. I wasn’t pleased with the look but decided to accept it. But so many things were wrong (ie: lead work, crooked cabling, and under stairs area) especially painting the top of the porch roof in strange colour. It was already May. They changed the roof etc, but painted the roof top again despite I asked not to do. What is the point paying someone and getting things I don’t want? Catalin didn’t reply and just left.

In August, one of the skylights began to leak. The new builder who is currently working took photos for us to see how the installation was carried out. The skylights were fixed with a tape (!) all around it on to roof felt (no frame), they ignored the instructions provided with the glass completely. The tape had become brittle in the summer heat causing the leak. I sent the photos and asked a refund.

Catalin says he is happy to pay the money ‘if the problem was done by my guys’ but he is ‘abroad for two weeks’ and won’t do anything before.

What other reasons could it be to cause the leak? Why does he expect me to wait for 2 weeks without any reassurance? Again, no response from Catalin and I am annoyed and angry he doesn't even bother sending someone for him.

This is my experience with this company and I hope this will be helpful for the viewers to make important decision who you would like to choose as your builder.