Shower and cyclinder install - Plumbing job in Stratford, East London

Job description

Im having a problem with the flow of water in my flat (it is a design flaw of the flats) and essentially I have been informed that this can be improved as I currently have a vented cylinder and this should be resolved with a 150L Ariston primo cylinder (i.e unvented). I would like that installed plus a shower for the bathroom (see below link).

I will only be happy to be made aware of quotes once you been to the flat to assess if this is the right way to go about it.


Feedback for PLUMB TRIBE Heating and Plumbing Services

Very impressed with work. Had been told by other plumber a change of cyclinder was needed as problems with flow of hot water. Usman 27 advised me not necessary and a full and thorough assessment revealed a significantly cheaper option revealing a blockage within the piping.
Definetly would recommend to others, professional, prompt and cleans up behind. All in all - very impressive.