Shower not working, dodgy cables, etc - urgent - Electrical job in Mitcham, Surrey

Job description

Very stressed at the moment, as what started as fixing a faulty electric shower, has turned into a nightmare.
An electrician has just visited to do a fault find, and actually found a lot more than he bargained for (see photos) : shower switch has never been earthed / therefore have caused cables and switch box to melt / same cable at the fuse box end have mice damage / need new 6mm x 10 metres cable to replace damaged one / very poor workmanship overall / highly recommends any subsequent electricians to carry out a ''periodic test and inspection to 8 circuits'' for safety reasons, as in it's current state, the house is at high risk of burning down.
1. new cable = 6mm x 10 metres
2: new switch box
3: labour: old cable removed / new cable threaded through / cables attached to switch box / and finally for the shower to actually work!
4: test/inspection of all circuits in house (as highlighted above).

Please can you provide 2 quotes: 1 with all the points listed above, and 1 without number 4 above.

The electrician has quoted me £404 for everything to be done, can anyone beat this? and when can you start? I wish to have the shower back in working order as soon as possible, and if this means taking time off work, I'll need prior notice, I'm free weekends as well.

Thank you.


Feedback for EEC SERVICES

I had a faulty electric shower, that's stopped working. An earlier electrician did a fault find, and found the shower switch to have never been earthed, both the switch and cables have burnt or melted away, cables are dangling around, my shower was too powerful for the 6mm cables, so will need a new shower, generally, bad news all round. He quoted hundreds for everything to be fixed.
Steven was a godsend. He's done a brilliant job, a lot cheaper than the first guy, definately knows what he's doing, and how things should be.
All I asked for, was a new switch exactly as the old one, and new cable to get the shower working again....Steven did that and more!
He fixed in a large switch instead, as he told me the smaller one I had before was inadequate for the job it's suppose to do / he fixed a separately exposed wire leading to a different switch (that has nothing to do with the shower switch that I wanted fixing) / he covered all dangling cables with a conduit / he used a filler for all the gaping holes where the cables are threaded through in the walls and ceiling / and told me my current shower's perfectly fine, so I don't need to fork out extra for a new shower.
Highly recommended, would definately use again, real gem.

Thank you very much.