Fix roof of a 6-bed house and a 2-bed house - Roofing job in Dolgellau, Gwynedd

Job description

Properties are in Snowdonia. Both roofs are slate on a property built in 1855.

Assess and fix as necessary, the roof/facias/soffits/guttering of a 6-bed detached house and also a separate 2-bed detached house at the same location.


Feedback for J Wright Property Solutions

Not completed. JAMES WRIGHT took payments for materials then didn't deliver; applied for insolvency (as a Ltd comnpany) to preventing work or materials, blaming it on the VAT man!

Problem first came to light when the sub-contracted scaffolder contacted us to say he had not yet been paid and we were being used as the reason for not paying; we had paid for the scaffolding in full on the day it was erected so these monies were misappropriated. It has since transpired that he has not passed on our labour payments to his sub-contractors and has continually tried to use lower quality (and cheaper) products than the ones he declared on his contracts and charged us for. He has always had all the required monies to cover all costs so there is no reason for us not to have had the job completed or materials delivered.

Despite leaving us in the lurch he is continuing to work under his own name (as a sub-contractor) rather than as his company name to avoid any income being made available to the insolvency agency no doubt, but that of course will never be proven. He is now alledgedly trading as BLACK JAY, so be cautious if this name appears.

Beware of anyone associated with the name JAMES WRIGHT.

I am not out to incorrectly dismiss a trademan, I just want to make sure this man ceases to operate in a business that he is not helping to get away from the cowboy image. There are plenty of good, honest, genuine, trademen out there without keeping him employed.

J Wright Property Solutions's reply:

Thank you for the slanderous comments. I suggest in future the facts are known before putting pen to paper. Its also taken you months to actually hire me through this site just to give bad feedback- Laughable!!! Especially as the account is to be closed as the company no longer exists!!! Just for your information, the other sub contractors you mention have been paid.( so someones telling porkies! ) There is also no mention of the mountain of FREE work that was done on your property.