Broken warning valve to tank in loft area - Plumbing job in Croydon, Surrey

Job description

I live in a first floor converted flat, and the tank is situated in a "loft" space above my bathroom ceiling. If I leave the water supply switched on, but don't use it, the tank leaks from the overflow, down the wall outside.

Please note that the storage tank is situated in a very small dark space, just large enough for a person to crawl through, so it will require someone fairly small and nimble, who doesn't mind closed spaces!


Feedback for Gas Aces Alton

As my internet had gone down, I hadn't passed on my address to Robert. Nevertheless, when I texted this to him next morning, although he was very busy, he still kept to the original appointment window we had agreed on, with just one hour's notice. The job itself was not the most pleasant, as it meant crawling into a small dark space, no more than 1 meter high, but nevertheless, he quickly and efficiently got the valve changed. I would most definitely hire him again, and have no reservations about recommending him.