Alcove shelving and library shelves on opposite wall - Carpentry & Joinery job in Warrington, Cheshire

Job description

Standard three bed semi, ex police house, not period. Looking for some simple alcove shelving with veneer plywood or similar to cover walls at the back, with a gap in the veneer to integrate two wall sconce lights. Two shelves at the bottom at double / triple height to accommodate a record player and records, the rest up to the ceiling standard paperback height with a larger shelf where the wall sconces are. On the opposite walls we'd like a wrap around library, with a radiator cabinet to disguise the radiator that will be below the shelves on the longer wall. Nothing fancy, just plain, but strong, as we have a lot of books :) the wood will be painted the same colour as the walls, so doesn't need to be pretty in itself, just smooth. The alcoves measure about 34 inches across, as does the short wall on the opposite side. The long wall at right angles to it is about 80 inches long, but there is a channel for the radiator pipes where the two walls meet that would have to be accommodated, as would the pipes themselves where they come out of the radiator. The radiator itself is 31 inches high and about 53 inches wide (including the thermostat valve). The walls themselves are pretty solid - brick rather than stud partitions. On one alcove wall are the remnants of a (now removed and replaced by a combi boiler situated elsewhere) back boiler pipe and thermostat system which would need removing first.

Although I have a fairly strong idea of what I'd like, I'm open to suggestions and advice.

I also have a wooden front door surround that needs renewing so I would also be interested in a quote for that. The door itself is wooden, and in good condition, but the frame needs to be completed replaced.




Feedback for Maven Contractors Limited

Barry has just fitted a new front door frame, and patched a couple of problem areas of plasterboard in the living room ceiling for me, and done a lovely job - very hard worker - recommended :)