Two ground floor rooms refurb including damp proofing - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description

Ground floor refurbishment.v2
1. Solve the damp problem (damp proof course). Advice sought regarding how much damp proof course is required. Greater than 2% damp detected in some areas. Large wall in back room very bad (requires plaster off to 1.2m but in one area where the old chimney-breast originally was there is severe damp up to 2m probably due to penetrating damp so this area also has to be re-newed). Other small areas of penetrating damp have been identified. Drawings available for all the walls showing where the damp is. I like the idea of tanking the walls before re-plastering (especially the large wall in the back room) as well as injecting a damp proof course.
2. Replace rotten floorboards. Sections of floorboards were replaced at the time of the last damp proof course 20 years ago. The ends of the boards near the wall are now rotten as is the joist beneath.
3. Replace rotten timbers below floorboards, e.g. joists (2 specific areas – along the wall in the back room and in the front room towards one side of the chimney-breast).
4. Replace all skirting boards and wood surrounding the throughway from room to room.
5. Replace 3 doors (solid or with glass?)
6. Replace architraves/door frames.
7. Remove all light fittings (including wall lights – remove wiring to the wall lights). Ceiling lights to be replaced with modern lighting.
8. Plaster where required. New ceiling in front room (advice required), skim ceiling in back room, possibly skim all walls (advice required). In the front room the coving and ceiling plaster has been removed leaving a fairly solid ceiling but there are areas where the slats can be seen. This is especially so in the bay window area where the slats are not in good condition. This area will need building up.
9. Replace or flush out the 2 radiators (advice required).
10. Prepare chimney-breast in front room for the fitting of a new mantelpiece surround and electric fire. The old brick fireplace has been removed although several bricks still remain. The old gas fire has been removed and the gas supply capped.
11. Leave intact the wooden cupboard housing the gas meter in the corner of the front room.
12. Re-wiring of the two rooms. There are currently 5 double sockets, 2 lights and 2 light switches. Wiring to the walls lights has to be removed. Fit another double socket in the back room near the door or in the entrance hall (advice required).
13. Replace light switches (singles in both rooms).
Additional work
The additional work does not have to be part of the renovation building project. The work can be out-sourced afterwards.
1. New laminate flooring.
2. Fitting a new electric fire and surround.
3. New window frame and glass for front room bay window (advice required).
I am the property owner.


Feedback for Damp-tech

All the builders were very pleasant and listened to what I wanted. They just got on with the job without any fuss. They were punctual and stayed fairly late. I had a damp proofing course with membrane, wall dry-lined after the removal of all plaster, fireplace closed off, joists and part of floor replaced, ceiling boarded over and two rooms fully plaster-skimmed. I would recommend this company, Charlie and his team.