Dry line & plaster ceiling and wall - Plastering job in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Job description

replaster living room ceiling 12ft square. dryline and plaster living room chimney wall 15ft by 8ft the chimney to be done in normal plaster board and the wall to be done in therma board.


Feedback for DMT Plastering

I chose danny to do this job based on his skills decription, and the feed back he has. He did not disappoint. Danny is an excellent plasterer who takes pride in his work. As an ex-plumber i have worked with many plasterers and know a good job when i see one. Danny is also a very easy going, and makes you feel comfortable about having a stranger in your home, a lot of the time alone in my case. The price he quoted was the price he charged, which given the quality of the work, turned out to be a very good price. So good i hired danny to do more work for me, and will happily pass his name on to any friends or family who need a good plasterer.