Site layout plan, elevated plan plus floor plan - Architecture job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description

These are the instructions I have received from Bury MBC:

Please submit the site layout plan at 1:200 or 1:500 scale to include all buildings and structures, property boundaries, gardens, walls, hedges and fences, open spaces and car parking at your property.

Please submit elevation plans of the converted garage at 1:100 scale.

Please submit the floor layout plan of the converted garage at 1:100 scale.

I need these plans for my exsiting garage which is detached and about 6.3m x 3.46m converted into living accomodation with small bathroom and small kitchen. The planning application is retrospective which I have already submiotted to Bury MBC and they have now asked for the above.

For a competent architect this should be very straightforawrd becasue it is not for a house with multiple rooms and proposed new additional changes, it is fo ran existing detached garage so I hope it is straightforward. If you need photos, I can send them if you forward me your email address. I hope to award to the lowest price quoted.


Feedback for Edmondson Design

John provided a thoroughly proferssional service and the drawings given were exactly what was needed. John is also knowledgeable on planning permission regualtions so can help answer questions as well. Highly recommended.