Lay a patio in back garden - Landscaping job in Norwich, Norfolk

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Job description

I would like to replace a patio in the back garden as soon as possible.
The existing paving slabs need to be taken up (some slabs have broken / crumbled away). New slabs need to be laid. Would like something simple and robust. available for viewing / Quote, and work could start immediately.

Thank you for reading.


Feedback for Conkers

Job started off well on 15/01; Andrew listened and was easy to get along with. However, the agreed requirements were ignored (I requested cut slabs to be against the wall near the back door and for the new patio to cover the entire existing base, etc). After raising my concerns as soon as the issues were identified, I agreed to compromise by leaving the slabs that had already been laid in place, to minimise any rework and for Andrew's team to remove the protruding base and lay some turf to fill the gap between the existing lawn and new patio.
I received some pictures on 22/01 with a note confirming "All Done". As Andrew had requested payment upon completion and the pictures looked fine, I paid in full online, even though I was working away so could not immediately inspect the patio in person. I know, my mistake for being too trusting.
When I reviewed the work in person on 28/01, I found out that the additional turf had simply been laid on top of the concrete base which had not been removed as agreed but was hidden under a layer of sand. Also, the gaps between the slabs had not been filled - I had been promised that they would be filled with kiln-dried sand.
I contacted Andrew immediately and he promised to finish the job when we had a dry day. However 8 weeks later and after numerous chasers, he has failed to complete the job as agreed and has stopped replying to my texts and voicemails, despite having been paid in full.

Conkers's reply:

Absolutely untrue. Turf on concrete? There want any concrete as the old patio we removed was laid on sand. As o explained to this woman you can’t brush kiln dried sand onto a wet surface. Typical of the type of customer that gets quoted for a and then attempts to get ab and c for free.