Fit kitchen - Kitchen Fitting job in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Job description

I have a small galley kitchen (2.05m by 3.16m). I have just chosen my kitchen and need someone to come and fit it for me and do all the electrics, plumbing, tiling, flooring etc. I also need part of a wall knocking down to open the kitchen up into the dining room. Not sure if it will need an RSJ, it looks like there is already one there but obviously someone would need to come out and check.
There are quite a few other bits i will need doing after like fitting a new bathroom, plastering etc but need an initial quote for the kitchen.
Any takers?



Work was not completed to a high standard.

After 3 months we suffered a major leak from the new pipework installed by Daniel, he sent a plumber to remedy - who did no work at all except turn off the stopcock.

We chased Daniel for over a week to mend the pipes, whilst being left with no hot water or heating in winter but he would not even answer the phone.

We had a report compiled to find out the cause of the substantial leak, and it was faulty workmanship.

We are now going through the small claims court to get the money back for the damage and subsequent remedial work.

Daniel has still not been in touch - we would avoid this builder at all costs.


There was a leak and i did send a plumber out who stopped the leak , this custoner twice paid me a with 2 bouncing cheques , look at my profile pics a pic of the cheque is there , this customer is a pathological liar and to think she is a teacher , i will let you read feedback from my decent honest customers
Thank you
Daniel Atherton DJS