Single storey rear extension - Extensions job in Kidlington, Oxfordshire

Job description

Removal of existing conservatory and replace with extension for kitchen, utility room and downstairs toilet. Should be within permitted development regulations. Plans drawn up and available in PDF for further information. Requires foundations, build, flat roof, roof lights, electrics, moving boiler, kitchen fit and plumbing.


Feedback for Acorn Renovations

First - it's a beautiful extension
Second - Nelson's team is excellent. He does exactly what it 'says on the tin' and.... he really does. Believe me
I wasn't that impressed by Acorn when they visited to quote for the job but that's because they do don't need to impress.....You get what you need, and want, and it feels too unreal. You could easily dismiss them... DON'T!

In a day and age where promises are rarely delivered this is the team and management you need on your project. You will not be disappointed.

From the outset it has been clear what they are providing; the payment schedule was almost 100% exact. The slight negotiation was on electrics, but hey!... we can work with that.

I could always call Nelson, and actually he's old skool - calling solves loads of issues.

If I can show pictures here the work involved 'hard labour'. Snow plagued the project, increased the water table, I live by a canal, and generally made life difficult - but they soldiered on and I never heard a word of complaint. I'm writing this looking back at photos and thinking - how did they do that?

"If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team." THE ACORN TEAM

You know you want to, come on! sing it!

De de dah dah! Der dan duh!

Der der der dur! Der dah dah dah dun dah!

Nelson, Lewis, Ginge, Martyn and Nick - you made my dreams come true


Charlie and Arthur