Part renovation of terraced house - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Dalston, East London

Job description

I own this property. It's a victorian terraced house in London Fields that was renovated in the 80s by the previous owners.

We have already removed carpets, wallpaper, a fireplace, a false ceiling etc. so it's in a good place for someone to get started.

The only real structural piece of work is removing one chimney and raising the ceiling in the bathroom. Other than that, we expect that the largest part of the job is rewiring.

We will also require advice on areas of damp.

We will want to get started on the bathroom late February/early March as we are having some windows put in before that. We would hope for the rewiring, installing of radiators and other small bits and pieces to be done before that.

Basic overview:

Porch – Wire in light + sensor

Entrance hall – Replace fuse box and replace wooden housing – Lights + switches – Sockets – Skim top of one wall – Replace radiator (1 position)

Living room – Lights + switches – Sockets, TV data points – Replace radiators (3 positions) – Plastering around ceiling – Plaster around the fireplace – Fit fireplace – Fit skirting board – There is a damp area of plaster next to one window, this may need to be removed, allowed to dry and replaced

Landing – Lights + switches – Wire in plugs (1 position) – Wire in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors – Repair and plaster ceiling (this might need to be plasterboard) – Remove old pipe work from wall (this pipe work is no longer connected to anything) – Install loft ladder

Bedroom – Lights + switches – Wire in plugs (4 positions) – Wire in TV point (1 position) – Replace radiators (2 positions)

Middle bedroom – Lights + switches – Wire in plugs (3 positions) – Replace radiators (1 position) – Repair and plaster ceiling (I'm guessing this might need to be plasterboard)

Kitchen – Remove chimney (after testing to see if it’s possible) – Run wires for when we do the kitchen (in a years time)

Basement – Run wires for when we complete the basement (in a few years time)

Attic – Lights + switches

Garden – Move and replace guttering

Bathroom – Remove chimney (after testing to see if it’s possible) – Raise ceiling to height of the roof (adding insulation) – Add wall and door to make corridor – Tile the bathroom walls – Fit shower/bath – Fit sink – Fit toilet (including moving external pipe work) – Fit towel radiator (1 position) – Wire in lights (corridor and bathroom) – Wire in plugs (corridor and bathroom) – Wire in light switches (corridor and bathroom) – Add waterproof coating to floorboards

Back bedroom – Raise ceiling to height of the roof (adding insulation) – Wire in lights (1 position) – Wire in plugs (2 positions) – Wire in light switches (1 position)

We have already purchased, or will be purchasing:

– Radiators and valves – All light fittings – All plug sockets – All light switches – All bathroom fittings – All bathroom tiles (and grout) – All skirting board


Feedback for Johny the Builder

It was a pleasure having Johny and his team work on our home for the past few months and we are very pleased with the results. Our small project became a large project and Johny was always able to help.

He was professional, his prices were good, he was extremely fast and very respectful. We were also very pleased with how the inevitable hiccups were dealt with.

We will certainly be having him back, and we have already recommended him to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.