Replace patio - Landscape Gardening job in West Norwood, South London

Job description

We would like to replace our patio.

It measures roughly 12 feet by 21 feet (around 250 square feet).

It currently consists of cracked concrete and old paving, with a crumbling raised manhole cover in the middle. This would obviously need levelling and replacing as part of the job.

There's also a small fir tree (about 6 feet high) to the side which would need taking out.

We propose to supply the new stone. Please include all other materials in the quote.


* The following information was added Friday, 29th May, 2009 :
I've added in a couple of pics of stone we're thinking of using below.


Feedback for dps services

We contracted Tony to replace a patio for us and I was disappointed with the end result. It seemed to me that there were several mistakes – for example, water now pools in the middle of the patio rather than running off – and the some of finishing was sloppy.

Once Tony had his money, he was difficult to get hold of. He did eventually agree to come back – however, as he would never take or return my calls, it proved impossible to discuss with him, so I decided it was better to let the matter drop.