Renovation of 2 bed flat - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Job description

I’ve just moved into a flat that was cheap, but that needs a fair bit of work doing to it. The carpets have already been pulled up and will be replaced, but I need someone to remove the wallpaper and the old plaster and replaster the walls in every room. The skirting board will also need replacing. One of the rooms will be an office, so I would also like a few more sockets installed as well as some network cables. A general check of the electrics in the whole flat may also be warranted.

If you could get in contact with me to view the place, then we discuss price.




Feedback for Wade Electrical and Building

Luke did a fantastic job of renovating my property. Stripping of the walls and plastering was completed in a surprisingly short period (~3 days) and the electrical work was completed shortly after, and all to a very high standard. I've already painted two of the rooms and the finish is top quality.

I would highly recommend Luke's services to anyone looking to renovate their home. Luke's a hard worker and has completed what I consider to be a substantial job in a very short period. He has a real eye for the detail and doesn't cut corners. I'm now just waiting for the carpets to be fitted, but I'm extremely happy with my flat.

An A* Service and an A* Finish.