Rendering and airbrick installation - Plastering job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

We need a few things done on the exterior of our detached house to improve a few issues caused by poor workmanship in the past and prevent damp issues from occurring:

  • Break concrete and lower ground level on one side. The ground here is in a narrow passageway between one of the house walls and another wall, so it's a bit tight.

  • Raise the rendering around most of the house. Currently there is no bell cast around most of the building and the rendering extends right down to the ground.

  • Install airbricks along one side of the house (in the small passage) and ensure all current airbricks are in effective locations, or replace.

  • Possibly trim back decking in back garden to prevent water splashing up against walls. This might not need to be done if removing the render leaves enough room for water to escape between the decking and wall.

  • Investigate downpipe and ensure water is draining away from the wall.


Feedback for BK Plastering & Rendering

Byron and his team did a fantastic job repairing the rendering on my house as well as trimming back the decking and installing a drainage system. Decking was trimmed back, a gully was installed in a cement floor, French drains placed around the house where the land is raised, and a bellcast with drip beads was installed to prevent future damp issues, all within around one and a half days. All work was completed to a very high standard and in a way that fits with the appearance of the property and even improves the aesthetic. Byron also coordinated with a DPC specialist to get damp proofing installed at the same time. Very prompt, considerate and genuine professional. Would recommend to anyone.