Decorate 3 rooms (strip, plaster, paint) - Painting & Decorating job in Newport, Gwent

Job description

We have 3 rooms that need to be decorated and would like a quote for the work for all 3. Based in central Newport. Can be flexible with timescales for job from our side.

Room 1: 10' x 12'. Needs wallpaper removing, coving removing, skim of plaster on walls and ceiling and then painting walls and woodwork white.

Room 2: 14' x 9'. Needs woodchip wallpaper removing, skim of plaster on walls and ceiling and then painting walls and woodwork white.

Room 3: 10' x 7'. Has just been completely replastered to ceiling and walls. Needs walls and woodwork painting white.

If you can only do part of the work (i.e. only plastering or only decorating) then please state in your initial message. Please provide basis for a quotation or let us know what additional details you need to complete a quotation.


Feedback for cardiff cornerstone construction

Selected Cardiff Cornerstone based on their ability to complete a job before Christmas. The work required us to completely empty the contents of three rooms - including removing furniture. We were aware of this and willing to do so. The day before the work was supposed to commence it was postponed by a day at the last minute. The following morning Chris did not turn up and we received a message via MyBuilder later in the day saying that a previous job had continued to overrun but that three people would turn up to do the work on the Thursday. On Thursday we received another call saying the work would now not complete until after Christmas. We agreed to complete part of the work before Christmas so that the house could be put in to a livable state as soon as possible. Chris confirmed that the work would start on the Thursday but again did not turn up or contact us further.

It may just be a series of unfortunate events but this has left us hugely inconvenienced right before Christmas with days wasted dismantling the house unnecessarily. Honest and early-on communications would have prevented this being a last-minute nightmare that has caused unnecessary stress.

For these reasons we cannot recommend Chris at Cornerstone.