Extension - Architecture job in Redhill, Surrey

Job description

Plans for planning and building regs for the erection of a small extension


Feedback for Jones Projects Architectural

As they say cheap refers to quality
Not at all happy with this guy, I have had every excuse as to why I have not had my drawings except the dog ate them.
The draft was a copy of what I submitted to my landlord, except my measurements were correct. He used the same free online cad programme. I returned them 8 times he even had to come out a second time ( head gasket gone in the car that time so couldn't come on the day arranged ). The drawings that were for the permitted development and the price agreed in his quotation included the £87 application fee. The works are for a disabled grant and there is no fee to pay, he insists I still have to pay him for it ! the Planning department contacted me because he missed out half the application on line.
He does not answer emails for days although have read reports, he dodges phone calls and text messages and I have been awaiting a call or the correct priced invoice for 2 weeks now. I have money sitting here for him he just needs to price the invoice correctly and send it to me. He is holding a disabled person to ransom by not giving me the detailed building regs drawings ( if he has even done any) until I pay the incorrect invoice and i still have no confidence in receiving anything for them he had a deadline that has now passed.
If I loose my grant application for this financial year I will have to pursue him through the small claim courts for everything I have paid him as the room measurements are still incorrect.