Repair leaky chimney flashing - Roofing job in Canvey Island, Essex

Job description

Small detached two bedroom house has chimney running through centre of house.

In both first floor bedrooms there is evidence of leaking - water stains on top of wall where chimney resides.

Need tradesman to fix leak and also remove two old TV aerials currently attached to chimney.


Feedback for Homeguard Roofing

Estimated fix chimney £350.00 & pointed out he offered a five year guarantee. Attended next morning to complete work. After 1-2 hours asked me to step outside the property to view the work done. Suggested that further work should be done, re-pointing some more ridge tiles. I asked how long that would take and he said "1 to 1.5 hours". I asked how much and Thomas said "extra £150.00".

I accused 'trying to pull a fast one' and said that I would not require any additional work and I would require both his invoice and guarantee in writing then I would pay directly into his bank.

When I told Thomas that I would not be paying him cash he climbed into his van and said 'You are going to regret this'. I said 'regret what?' and Thomas repeated 'You are going to regret not paying me now. You don't live in this house do you? You're going to regret this.' and then drove his van off.

He emailed a hand-written invoice /guarantee on paper which did not bear trading name / address. Asked him to re-supply on headed paper or a doc which included his name and address. Later that evening Thomas did supply a typed invoice with address so I paid directly into his bank the same day.

Unfortunately dealing with Thomas has left me extremely disappointed. I thought the industry had cleaned up it's act dramatically through self-regulation and basic professionalism. Thomas unfortunately attempted to extract additional monies through rogue practice and then actually made threats to a customer.

Homeguard Roofing's reply:

I gave you a price to repair chimney and tile work at base of chimney on Saturday morning you told me you had another roofer coming to look at the job and would call me back if he price was not cheaper .you back later on Saturday and told me to do the the job which I did on Sunday and I told you on the phone that you mite need all of your ridge tiles repair as I can not see from ground level when done the work we agreed I told you that all or ridge tiles needed pointing you ask the price and said £150 to repoint all of them but you wanted me to do them but not a that price you then said you wanted 7days to pay me and wanted to get the work check with another roofer to check it was OK which I think is wrong as if you at to get a roofer to check my work why not let him do the work which must have bin OK as you have paid I have told mybuilder and I think you will fined it hard to use it to post more work as you try not to pay and if any trades men read this I would not work for this man as he will try to get away with not paying you so be wear.