Conservatory/porch repairs + external decs - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Canary Wharf, East London

Job description

he property is a 3-bedroom house which
has been rented out for 10 years and has
not been maintained. We want to repair
and smarten the house up so it can be
rented out.
The whole house is rather tired, plus there
are some big external issues:
The conservatory has pulled away from the
house. This is proabaly due to relative
movement between the foundations of the
house and the foundations of the
conservatory. There is a gap of about 20mm
at the top of the conservatory on one side
where it meets the house. There is no gap
at the bottom. There has been no recent
movement. I am hoping the the solution is
to fill the gap, rather than jack the
consevatory up.
The conservatory is built of soft wood.
Parts of this have rotted, which will need to
be repaired, then then it needs painting.
The water from the conservatory gutters go
into a water butt, but once that is full it
just overflows. Need a solution to this
(soakaway or plumb into an existing
drainage. .

external woodwork on house needs re-
staining. There is one door and 6 windows;
two of those windows are above the

There is an open porch to the front door
that needs renovating. One of the timber
supports has rotted at the base and so the
porch has dropped


Feedback for Don Carpentry Ltd

Very good. Kept to the quoted price - even with a few extras thrown in. Will definitely use again.