Vinyl fitting - Carpet Fitting job in Putney, South London

Job description

I have 4 cupboards of around 0.6m by 1.6m and one of 0.6m square, two of them have a couple of pipes in them, looking to get vinyl flooring which I have already purchased fitted. The floors are 1950s concrete


Feedback for RA Flooring Ltd

Fitted vinyl flooring quickly and at a low price, the circumstances were difficult with some spaces missing skirting and one cupboard in particular having pipework and a gas meter in it that he rightly didn't want to disturb, the subfloor was a bit crumbly and I asked if any of this would cause a problem which Robert said it wouldn't. The flooring isn't stuck down anymore in a couple of areas already, for the price I can't fault him but with hindsight I would have been better preparing the subfloor first and could have achieved a better finish like this, it would have been considerably more expensive and taken longer but would have achieved a better result. This isn't a negative review of Roberts work, he is quick, efficient, personable and at a low price point but when I asked his opinion I was looking for an experienced assessment

RA Flooring Ltd's reply:

Thanks very much for your feedback, your note will be taken seriously, as I explains before silicon will be ideal to hold the vinyl down and fill the gap especially where there is no skirting board, we can't achieve %100 cut when there is no skirting and inside cupboard 0.6x1.4, we are happy to revisit free of charge anytime you like if there is something to do with the job we offer and thanks again from RA flooring ltd