2 storey extension to side of end terrace - Extensions job in Worcester, Worcestershire

Job description

Hi I need a builder (plus related plumbing/electrical work) to construct a 2 story extension on the side of my end terrace (approx size 9ft x 20ft). My absolute top budget is £15K but I do have a quote below this already. Approx measurements - 20ft x 9 ft. No complications. Pipe survey etc will already be done. Internal plastering, tiling and new radiators will be done by us also. Happy to pitch in where possible to keep costs down!

* The following information was added Thursday, 30th July, 2009 :
The plans have slightly changed now but pretty much the same info as above - a small change with a couple of internal walls being moved and a spiral staircase replacing the existing one . Please have a look online (link below) and then quote me if you can - subject to planning approval we are looking for work to start early September and to be finished by Christmas at the latest. Thanks for your interest.


using the reference P09G0207


Feedback for Honeybourne Builders

DO NOT HIRE THIS BUILDER! This builder appears enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable, however, the end result was incomplete, defective, sub-standard workmanship. He cut corners in every which way, used cheap materials, and took more than double the time he promised- and even then he upped and left leaving our house in a state for Christmas. He did not pay tradesmen he called in, or paid them less than he agreed, leaving us with angry electricians coming to our door demanding money on Christmas Eve, and others contacting Trading Standards. He uses false names, addresses and phone numbers with different people, and is now untraceable. We believe he is of no fixed abode and currently living in a caravan! He left the job incomplete and took an advance of £1000 for some stairs, which never materialised, and ran off by taking his tools out of a first floor window and down the ladder so we wouldn't see him. The architect has made a long list of defective or incomplete works which we now have to pay someone else to fix.Plastering is of a poor standard, he managed to blow our boiler up by using the wrong hose, screw through a live water pipe, and then had the gall to get his brother Pete Kesterton to ring up and ask for yet more money for the stairs that they never ordered, that should only cost £500, and for which he had already had an extra £1000!!! When I showed him the other negative review about him on here he blamed it all on the homeowner, that it was he who refused to pay for extra work and that he was an idiot. I now know that another lady in Coventry has had the same experience with Tony Kesterton, leaving the job in a poor state and incomplete. I hate being taken for a ride and I still feel bad because Tony comes across as a decent guy and somehow makes you feel ok when you present concerns to him. All I can say is DO NOT HIRE THIS BLOKE OR HIS BROTHER - no matter what reasons or excuses they give about not finishing previous jobs! If you want to know more, please email My Builder and they will pass my email address to you.Good luck with your building work!