Plaster downstairs toilet & adjacent room - Plastering job in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Job description

I'm looking for my downstairs toilet area to be plastered and the adjacent room. Both rooms have artex on walls and ceiling therefore may need bonding. I’ve had a few quotes, some say it needs bonding some say it needs a good scrape.

I've recently had a heater fitted in the toilet which has been rerouted from the nearest socket in the adjacent room. Thus meaning there is a strip in the wall and ceiling which needs to be filled.

The room sizes are approximately:

Downstairs toilet - 6ft x 2ft 5" (inc one door)
Adjacent Room - 3ft(w) x 1 ft 9"ft(w) x 3ft(d) (Room is same size as downstairs toilet but as there are 3 doors there's less to plaster.

The room height is 7ft 5"

Please let me know if you're interested as I'm looking to get it done asap.

Please note I have just been made redundant and have to reluctantly let my property therefore I am looking for the most cost effective quote. Cash is tight.

Let me know if you're interested.


Feedback for 1st Quote Home Improvements

As dodgy as they come. Nice guy but definitely not a skilled plasterer. Truely awful finish. Had to buy a tub of plaster to correct areas he's missed, or left holes. Oh and not forgetting he drilled though an electric cable & although he agreed to pay I still haven't seen a penny.

In regards to the plastering work if you need to see pics of his dodgy work e-mail me.

Don't go for cheap as it'll end up costing you more. I'm having to arrange another plasterer to replaster the area.